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Shipping Policy

Once the order placed by you on our website (hereinafter referred as “platform”) we will dispatch the placed order within 48 working hours from confirmation of your orders.

The order will be delivered to the customer within 5-7 working days, if the delivery address is within India and 15-20 days, if the delivery address is outside India, after dispatching the order. 

The delivery is subject to delaying as per the unavoidable circumstances on that locations where the delivery to be performed. It is also noted that the delivery of your order may also be delayed, in case your location is not covered under the jurisdiction of our partner courier services.

If the address provided by you at the time of placing the order is insufficient or incorrect then the order will be taken by you with making the proper co-ordination with the delivery personnel/ delivery partner, if they are calling on your provided contact number. M/s Buddhika Enterprises will not be responsible for the non delivery of the order, if the address provided is wrong / incomplete and no refund shall be processed. 


It is also noted that delivery attempt shall be for at least two times, if in case you are not available at your delivery location/ your address is improper/ your provided phone number is not working at the time of attempting delivery. Your order will be marked as RTO (Return to Origin).

Once your placed order marked as RTO then it will never take re-delivery at your location, if you still want to purchase the article/goods then place the fresh order on the platform.

Shelf Life Of The Product:

Expiration Date Legislation

As per the amendments to the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, in 2011, the Government of India has made it mandatory to display certain product information, including “Best before or use by date, month and year”, in case of packages that contain a commodity which may become unfit for human consumption after a period of time, on online e-commerce marketplaces. Display of 'Best before date' rule was rolled out in phases to all Fulfilment by us.

Shipping Charges:

For Domestic Shipping:-

If the order value >= INR 1000000=> Delivery Charges Nil 

If the delivery value between INR 1-1000000 Charges on actual basis from freight company will be disclosed transparently in the invoice copy. 

For International Shipping:-

If the order value >= $ 10000 FOC 

If the delivery value between $ 0-9999 => Delivery Charges on actual basis that will be transparently mentioned in the invoice copy. 

*** For exact delivery charges and cost involved kindly mail on or +91-7859810001 WhatsApp before making the final payment. 


Currently Cash on Delivery (COD) option is not available.

Possessing in-depth knowledge and experience of the Spices, Pulses and Organic Food Products market, our mentor, Mr. Milind Shripad Amshekar is guiding light for our company. His excellence in the business, excellent marketing ideas, constant guidance to team members and impressive trade approaches are making us grow in the domain.